Jacques van der Merwe Maja Inc is a firm of attorneys specialising in Property Law.

Since its inception, our firm has made huge inroads in the conveyancing market and has established itself as a highly dynamic and reliable partner in the property industry.

We have close relationships with our clients and advise on all aspects of real estate transactions from acquisition through development and provide an extremely efficient conveyancing service.

We are actively involved in the property market and our client base includes various Developers, Estate Agents and all major commercial banks.

Our firm’s growth proves our commitment to service. We truly get to know our clients and strive to understand their personal needs and exceed their expectations.

Our firm’s growth proves our commitment to service
Legal News

Reflections On Law – October 2020

EXCLUSIVE USE AREA IN SECTIONAL TITLE SCHEMEGARDENS IN SECTIONAL TITLE SCHEME NOT REGISTERED AS EXCLUSIVE USE AREA BUT EXCLUSIVELY USED BY CERTAIN OWNERS-WITH UNFAIR CONSEQUENCES!1. In the High Court Case of Turley Manor Body Corporate v Pillay (Gauteng Local Division) (10662/18 2020 ZAFSHC 54 6 March 2020) the facts were shortly the following Mr. Pillay…

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Reflections On Law – September 2020

“SUPPORT THY NEIGHBOUR’S LAND”INTERESTING CASE ON THE OBLIGATION TO SUPPORT YOUR NEIGHBOUR’S PROPERTY In the Supreme Court of Appeal Petropulos v Dias (1055/2018 (2020) ZASCA 53) the facts were briefly the following: Ms. Petropulos and Mr. Dias (amongst others) owned adjoining properties in Camps Bay on a steep mountain slope. During March 2008 Petropulos undertook…

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Reflections On Law

INTERESTING CASE ON “PRIOR SALES” “SUBJECT TO SALES”WHAT IS A “SUCCESSFUL SALE” IN A CONTRACT MADE SUBJECT TO THE SELLING OF THE BUYER’S PROPERTY? Many sale agreements are subject to the successful sale of the buyer’s house; but what does that actually mean, legally? Does it simply mean that the buyer’s house has been sold?…

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